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Agrokumara is a family-owned business that started producing in the early 80’s with one main goal: To produce whole food like vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains. We have 40 years of experience producing, planting, growing, harvesting, packing and shipping agricultural produce for the local and international markets.


Our commitment to excellence allows us to deliver high quality produce and services.

Operating like this we don’t only help to grow the agricultural development in our region, we create jobs for people in our community with the objective to contribute to the economy.


Paradise Fields is a brand that guarantees the best quality in our process, produce, and services; this collaboration offers flexibility for the expansion of our objectives and incurring in new markets.

We revitalize the concept.


To produce high quality food, seeking excellence by our philosophy of constant improvement, adding value and security for shareholders, employees, society and reaffirming our commitment to the environment.



We aim to be a group recognized for its leadership, commitment, sustainability and innovation; always in the hands of the best collaborators.



Responsibility | Create a proactive atmosphere to effectively respond to any situation.
Integrity | Work by two principles: congruence and ethics, which allows us to complete
all our tasks with honesty.
Respect | Create our relationships to achieve benefits for all involved parties.
Team Work | Integrate virtues to achieve results, valuing individual differences of
our collaborators.
Commitment | Essential for the accomplishment of our goals.
Humility | Our reach with reality, in order to find growth opportunities

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